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2013: John Lennon’s Wiedergeburt in Tokyo.

Mangelnde Kreativität kann man meinem Politikprofessor in der Auswahl seiner Midterm Fragen wohl nicht vorwerfen. :) Meine Antwort dazu könnt ihr hier nachlesen.

“After he was gunned down by Mark Chapman in December 1980, the musician and an ex-Beatle John Lennon awakened to find himself in the next world. It took him a long, long time to make the voyage from this to the next world, so that when he awakened, the year was 2013. Leaving New York City, where he was shot dead, Lennon’s spirit wandered off to Tokyo, attracted perhaps by the happy memories of the time he spent with Yoko. In Tokyo, he stumbled upon a meeting of major thinkers on politics and international relations. Lennon immediately recognized Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Karl Marx among the people gathered. He was also greeted by another scholar (Caroline) who identified herself as a constructivist. Although dead, these people turned out to be well informed about world history and international relations since their deaths. When Lennon came by, they happened to be talking about International Relations theory. So Lennon decided to offer some of his opinions to see whose ideas are closest to his, and showed them two of his songs – Imagine and Revolution. Lennon first turned to Hobbes, and started a conversation. Based on your knowledge of the ideas of the people gathered, reconstruct the conversation as best you can. We know the following facts about the conversation. 1) All the people mentioned something on at least one of Lennon’s songs; 2) Both songs were discussed extensively; 3) After exchanging opinions with these people, Lennon had a better idea about his theoretical orientation (a realist, liberal, a Marxist, a constructivist, or none of the above); 4) At least one person talked about the influence of the events of the 1960’s and early-1970’s on the two songs. It is possible that the conversation turned to Lennon’s other songs, but we are not sure on that point.”

2013, Prof. ANNO Tadashi

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