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Okinawa’s nicest café.

Sometimes, everything about a place is just perfect. While exploring the famous Tsuboya district (well known for it’s pottery artists) in the city of Naha / Okinawa, we stumbled upon this tiny little café. Half of the café was a small shop selling hand made mugs and other pottery, the other half was the café itself, with only 4 tables. I instantly felt in love with the place. Everything was hand made with an great eye for detail. No mug looked alike, all of them were individual pieces of craftsmanship. The single menus as well as the signs on the outside were hand written with small drawings and illustrations.

About being astonished.

One of my most favorite stories is about being astonished. It’s both a vivid example that puts a smile onto your face – while making you think at the same time. A good friend of mine is father of a 2 year old. One day, he took his son to the local zoo. So far so good, it’s always a fun place to go for kids. But when the young kid discovered a group of flamingos, he just could not believe his own eyes. Birds in full, bright, pink color. Never had he seen such a thing in his life. Fully astonished, he was speechless and looked up to his father, for whom it was a rather normal thing. Flamingos are just flamingos after all. The kid, still stunned from the colorful experience, could not believe how everyone else was not super excited. Do they not see what he sees? Look! There! Giant birds. Giant pink birds. How can everybody else just walk by?! How can they possibly not react the same way as he …