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Unkai (雲海) – the sea of clouds.

It was the third time that I visited the summit of Mount Fuji (富士山), Japan. But this magical and unique place has something new for it’s visitors. Each time they come back, each time they decide to overcome many hours of tough efforts, doing the climb to 4000 meters height in total black darkness: a new face of Mount Fuji presents itself. This time, Mount Fuji showed me what my Japanese friends called Unkai – 雲海 – “the sea of clouds“. You have hiked above the clouds, you have hiked above everything there is on this world. You are now in between. Beneath you, there are still some light visible that the gigantic city of Tokyo projects into the sky, giving it an aura like look. But above: The most crystal sky of stars and infinite clarity. And you’re in this pitch black surrounding – everything you see next to you is black rock, black volcano sand. This moment and physical challenge give you a humble feeling that everything beneath you just mean nothing – …

Niijima (4/5): The Beach

In Richtung offenem Pazifik gibt es auf Niijima einen wunderbaren, unendlich langen weißen Strand. Magnet für Surfer aus aller Welt, das Publikum war eine sehr internationale, bunte Mischung – was samt einem kleinen Markt neben dem Strand eine tolle Atmosphäre geschaffen hat. Habe mich irgendwann ins doch etwas kalte Wasser getraut und bin geschwommen. Die ganzen Surfer sind mit Neopren-Anzügen unterwegs gewesen, die müssen allerdings auch etwas länger im Wasser bleiben um die perfekte Welle zu erwischen :-)