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Infinite Tokyo

What a view. Departing from Haneda Airport this March, you have a stellar perspective onto the worlds largest city. Was a beautiful sunny day, with first cherry blossoms appearing in all the parks. It just does not seem to end. And Mount Fuji ( 富士山) looks like it was almost part of the city (while being 150km outside).

Walking the Tsukiji Fish Market (築地市場) – by day

It took me about 8 months living in Tokyo to finally get see the infamous Tsukiji fish market near the Tokyo bay. After visiting it, I now know why everyone suggests this should be on top of your Tokyo bucket list. Take some time in the early morning hours to freely roam the area. Through all the small pathways with hundreds of merchants, each of them with different kinds of fish. You will see everything from the tiniest snails, to gigantic Tuna (really: you would not believe how huge they are. It takes a big Katana (日本刀) to get the soft red meat, so smooth it will melt on your tongue, out of this monster of an animal. One of them will cost a merchant many thousand ¥ to buy themselves, so you could see the pride on some of their faces when they had one of them in their tiny merchant booths.

Tokyo Street (vol 5)

This time some more scenes and abstract pictures. Less portraits for now. Have only two days left in Tokyo, so there will probably be one more posting with pictures from here. Time just flies by here. Looking forward to see how my next travel destinations in the US: SF and NYC differ from the street experience of Tokyo. What I am looking forward as well is how the cities… sound different. I can only recommend to sometimes stop, or slowly walk, and actively listen to a city. Listen to it’s nature and soul. It feels like it was a huge animal that never ceases to grumble. It never stops. May these be some inspiration how Tokyo looks – and sounds like.

Tokyo Street (vol 3)

More days in Tokyo, more street photography. As usual all shots done with the Canon 135mm f/2 lens, my very favorite one for street/portrait so far. I feel that it gives this sense of distance and closeness at the same time, what is a good analogy for Tokyo somehow. Although people are right next to you, the distance between the two of you is usually miles away.

Tokyo Street (vol 2)

I went out to shoot some more street photography. Turns out to be really fun to do. Most scenes were shot in Tokyos ‘hip’ area Shibuya-ku (渋谷区), Yoyogi (代々木) and Harajuku (原宿). I tried to keep the tonal/coloring close to my first shots in vol 1, as this is what Tokyo feels like for me when wandering through the streets: A bit cold and anonymous, with lots of unique characters inside going their own ways.

First steps in street photography.

Tokyo is a great place for street photography. An infinite pool of styles, ranging from complete conformity to eccentric, colorful individual looks. So I tried to take my first shots, which turned out to be hard, especially with weak light and rain all around. We wandered through several streets and good spots where people would walk by and you might catch a good shot. The results is … a selection of umbrellas I suppose. First steps, lots to learn. :-)

About to rain in Tokyo

Tokyo hat gegen Abend in der Regenzeit immer eine sehr besondere Stimmung finde ich. Es ist dieses “kurz bevor es gleich richtig anfängt zu regnen”, die Luft fühlt sich anders an, ein erdiger Geruch verbreitet sich. Das Bild oben ist ein Panorama der Innenstadt / Shinjuku, die weiteren Bilder unten stammen aus dem Regierungsviertel in Kasumigaseki / Chiyoda. Zu sehen u.a.: Nationaltheater (braun), Oberster Gerichtshof (Beton + mit den Statuen), Justizministerium (rote Backsteine), Parlament (helle Säulen, Pyramidendach).

The Hotaru Festival. Oder: Ein Fluss erwacht zum Leben.

Unter dem ziemlich bekannten, ziemlich hohen Skytree wurde am Samstag das Hotaru Festival im Viertel Asakusa gefeiert. Gegen Abend wenn es dunkel wird findet man sich am Sumida River ein. Wer sich zuvor eine Eintrittskarte zum Uferbereich geholt hatte, konnte selber an diesem wundersamen Spektakel teilhaben. Am Eingang erhält man neben dem von uns zu einem Heiligenschein weiterverarbeiteten Leuchtschmuck auch einen circa faustgroßen weißen Ball, der bei Wasserkontakt ziemlich hell blau leuchtet. Beim Wurf des Balls in den Fluss darf man sich etwas wünschen – einen Wunsch, der aber natürlich nicht laut ausgesprochen wird.