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Walking the Tsukiji Fish Market (築地市場) – by day

It took me about 8 months living in Tokyo to finally get see the infamous Tsukiji fish market near the Tokyo bay. After visiting it, I now know why everyone suggests this should be on top of your Tokyo bucket list. Take some time in the early morning hours to freely roam the area. Through all the small pathways with hundreds of merchants, each of them with different kinds of fish.

You will see everything from the tiniest snails, to gigantic Tuna (really: you would not believe how huge they are. It takes a big Katana (日本刀) to get the soft red meat, so smooth it will melt on your tongue, out of this monster of an animal. One of them will cost a merchant many thousand ¥ to buy themselves, so you could see the pride on some of their faces when they had one of them in their tiny merchant booths.

One of my favorite moments: A group of merchants took several huge snails and placed them onto a bench. They took bets between themselves which of the snails would first feel more safe and would put out their tongue out of their hulls.

Some time in the future I will write about a later visit to the same place in 2016 – not by day, but at night only with my film camera. Makes an entirely different experience.

Travel value: 9/10 – do it.
How to get there: Tsukiji Station, Hibiya Line. Or take a small walk from the Shimbashi JR station.
Also: Right next to Tsukiji are the Hamarikyu Gardens, well worth a visit.

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